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I, Lily, rescued Willow (who was named after the movie willow) from the SPCA when he was about a year and 6 months old and we were told Willow was a female.

So, when we decided to get a second bunny who was male, we took her to get spayed and the vet called us to inform us Willow was actually a male.

So, for the first 5 years of having Willow, we had been calling him she. It was very unexpected and became a very big joke within the family.

Willow could be very sassy at times and definitely was always getting his way. However, he was very cuddly and always looking for a pet.

He loved food which included fresh greens, bananas, peppers, watermelon and raspberries.

He passed with Teek, his best friend right by his side.

Lily will miss Willow dearly as he was a part of a big chunk of her life, and she knows no bunny will ever be like him.

He definitely took a part of her with him when he passed, and he will forever be with her.


My sweet little Pikachu we had you almost 13 years but that doesn't seem like long enough. You were just a 3-month-old ball of fluff when we adopted you and oh, we loved you instantly. You were so tiny but had such a big personality! Chuchu how you loved french fries, cuddles, your dust baths and most of all hiding in my shirt doing the chinchin rumba while the kids were cleaning your cage. You will be missed my little fur baby more than you will ever know sweet boy! Have fun playing with the other critter kids until we meet again We love you so very much and we are going to miss you my little French fry thief.


Daisy came into our lives in 2017 as a rescue

and we have absolutely cherished our last 6 years with her. She was feisty at first, but she quickly found her place in our family.

Daisy was always the first one in bed and the last one to wake up every morning. Her daily routine consisted of surveying the backyard for any squirrels and barking at them, sunbathing when it was warm, an afternoon nap on the couch, and being in the kitchen whenever a meal was prepared, just waiting for any scrap of food to hit the floor. In her mind, dog food was okay, but chicken and cheese were her favorites and the ultimate treat. Somewhat of a fast-food connoisseur, Daisy preferred McDonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets on a Friday night to round out the work week. There wasn’t a food that Daisy didn’t enjoy, unless it was peanut butter.

If it was cold, Daisy insisted that she needed a blanket, one of her many sweaters to wear, and a fire in the fireplace while she watched tv in the family room. Daisy truly enjoyed shopping on QVC and the occasional Ryan Gosling or Matthew McConaughey movie. Many times we had to turn up the volume on the tv to hear it over her musical, grown man snores.

In the past year and a half, we found that Daisy had Congestive Heart Failure and were quickly put on a strict regime of medications. The vet projected that she would only be with us for 9 more months based on her condition, but she insisted that his projection was wrong and lived 18 months.

Daisy leaves behind her everlasting love and the many memories we had with her, which we will cherish forever. While we are sad that she has passed, we ensured that she had a good life and are comforted knowing that she isn’t suffering from her heart condition any longer. We love you, Daisy.


Dixie “Poodle Show” passed away Tuesday, December 12, 2023 with her parents by her side. She is survived by her dad, Andrew; mom, Shelby; sister, Lilah; and brother, Hayden. Up until her death, Dixie worked from home as a supervisor, keeping a close eye on her mom as she did her job throughout the day. Though she took pride in keeping her family safe, everyone knew her bark was worse than her bite. Dixie lived a long life and enjoyed being with her family, tennis balls and chicken. She will be missed dearly by all who knew her.


Thomas J

Thomas J was born on April 20th, 2006 and left this world on September 26th, 2023. Thomas J was a huge blessing to the family, Bonnie unfortunately suffered with a heart issue while she was pregnant, Thomas J sensed when an issue would arise and get on her chest and knead on top of her heart to let her know something was wrong. He lived to the ripe old age of 17, survived by his brother Chief (dog), King George (dog), Charlie (dog), Kiki Cat (cat), and 11 human siblings. He will be forever loved and remembered!


Chomper, the best friend you could ever have or wish for. We named him after a Disney cartoon we watched growing up Disney's Land before time. The baby Trex, "Chomper no Chomping" lol. He was very Prissy everyone that met him thought he went to dog behavioral school cause how well behaved and boujie he was lol. Quiet but he loved the outdoors. Long walks and car rides. Even though he was only 8lbs he thought he was 100lbs when it came to protecting me. He wanted to fight all my brother's pit bulls knowing he couldn't, but he didn't care. He was part of the family not just as our dog/pet or companion but my best friend. Like my child. He loved going around the neighborhood to play with other dogs. Best big brother to his sister Bella even though she bullied him from time to time. They were the best of friends. Two peas in a pod. Ying and yang. His favorite toy was lady from Disney's lady and the tramp. He lived a wonderful life. We were very lucky and blessed to spend 12yrs of our lives with him. He was the best fur baby to ever happen to us and we thank God he was a part of our lives through the highs and lows.

Carrot Cake

Our beloved pet rabbit, Carrot Cake, passed away at 10:35pm on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 surrounded by her family. She is survived by her human family: Jessica, Aaron, Tristan, Isabella, Trevor and Aliyah. She is also survived by her fur family: a rabbit-Judy, a dog-Carla, a cat-Buttercup, and her very best friend, our ginger cat Simba. She and Simba cuddled together and napped together often.

Carrot Cake was very well loved and acquired many nicknames, such as: Karate Cake, Jelly Bean, Mini Pig, Bunnykins and Rabinical. Her favorite treats were parsley and celery.

Her passing has left a big hole in our hearts, and she will always be missed.


On Sunday January 14th our sweet boy Skylar crossed the rainbow Bridge. Skylar brought joy to every person he met. He loved to snuggle with his sister Dottie and chase after shadows in the yard. He never turned down a game of fetch or a splash in the water. He was the happiest dog in the world. Our boy will be terribly missed.



Goose was loved by many. He was young about a year and a half. He loved to watch airplanes out the window and was more like a dog than a cat. His brothers Ranger and Mickey which are dogs loved to be with him along with his brother Oliver who is a cat, they were just getting along. His human mom Kelly and dad Caden loved him and he loved to lay on our laps and cuddle. He was unfortunately put down do to being very sick again Medvet on January 19th with his mom and dad = Kelly and caden, along with a close friend Kiersten. He really was the best cat. Talk to me goose is what we would tell him all the time quoting top gun!

Nermal, beloved cat of David and Debbie Marrs, passed away April 30, 2024. Nermal was named after Garfield’s cousin Nermal who lived on a farm. Although Nermal’s namesake caused Garfield much dismay, David and Debbie’s Nermal brought much joy to their lives, over 20+ years of joy. Nermal enjoyed sitting on his owner’s laps during their morning mug of tea, filling the kitchen with purring. He was David and Debbie’s “little buddy” and was a very special cat indeed. He left his pawprints on their hearts.

His meows will be deeply missed.

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