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What if my pet passes away at my home?

there are a few immediate steps to take.
First, if you're able, you may choose to position your pet in his or her bed or wrap them in a favorite blanket. This may be comforting as other members of your family want to say goodbye to their friend.
Take as much time as you would like to say your goodbyes. When you're ready, call us at +1-513-201-7539  any time, day or night and we will make immediate arrangements to bring your pet into our care.
During our initial conversation, we will take down some basic information - such as the name, type, and weight of your pet - and answer all of your questions.
We know this is a difficult and unfamiliar situation, and we will take as much time as necessary to earn your trust and make you as comfortable as possible. At that time, we can make all of the arrangements over the phone or set a time when you can come to our office.

Your pet will be treated as if they were our own.
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